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Get your drivers license in 3 simple steps....
1.) Enroll    2.) Complete course   3.) Obtain License


Dotted Line

Teen Drivers Ed in Texas

At, we take the education of teen drivers very seriously. For over 15 years, we have provided, and continually improved the best Texas Teen Drivers Education program available on the market today. We offer online courses, or if you’d prefer, our program is also available on CD ROM, Textbook, and DVD. Each format provides the student with a comprehensive, yet easy to use progressive approach to Texas Teen Drivers Ed.

Our Texas Teen Drivers Education program has been assembled and is presented exclusively for Texas Teen Drivers. Our award winning curriculum is guaranteed to help teens learn to drive safely and responsibly. We offer a systematic and progressive approach to help teens learn all of the necessary abilities that make up a responsible driver. Our program consists of 7 levels, ranging from topics such as parallel parking, to what happens when a driver is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Each level contains two parts; a classroom portion, and a behind-the-wheel portion. Once the student passes the two components in each level, they move forward onto the next level. Our program is designed specifically to help teen drivers mature into safe, responsible, knowledgeable drivers. After the first 6 hours of training, Texas Teens can receive their Texas Learners Permit and can begin the process of learning to drive behind the wheel.

Once a student has enrolled in our Texas Teen Drivers Ed online program, they can begin immediately and the classroom portion of the program can be completed entirely online. Students will never have to send documentation or paperwork to our office. Everything is automated! We fill in necessary dates and information required by the Texas Department of Public Safety for you! It’s a no-brainer. Our program is effective, affordable, easy to do, and will result in a more knowledgeable, more aware, better prepared Teen Driver. Our goal is to reverse the statistics regarding the high crash and mortality rates of teenage drivers. Inexperience behind-the-wheel is the number one killer of teenagers. Number One!

With that statistic in mind, we aim to give Texas Teen Drivers all the tools necessary for them to become safe, experience, and responsible driver. Students who complete our Texas Teen Driver Education program WILL be more capable of making the right decisions when crucial choices need to be made. Texas Teen drivers learn through classroom time, and behind-the-wheel with their home instructor. There is no better way for students to become acclimated to the road than through our classroom training, and the caring tutorage of their parent. Former parents and students have hailed our Texas Teen Drivers Education program as being by far, the best tool out there to help guarantee their teen’s safety behind the wheel. Our Teen Program is effective, affordable, easy to do, and it saves lives.

Dangers of the Road - Teens who get behind the wheel of a car before they’re fully prepared are risking their lives. We’ve been in the business of training new drivers for over 15 years and continually aim to improve our program to better serve our students in the goal of transitioning into a safe driver.

At, we understand that effective training of new Texas Teen drivers is the most crucial step in ensuring that they stay safe and do not fall into the heart breaking statistics of inexperienced drivers. Teen drivers who are 16 are the riskiest demographic on the road. The best way to ensure your teen’s safety is preparedness. Our Texas Teen Drivers Ed program will give your teen everything they need to mature into drivers who take their responsibility seriously and will gain the experience to make the right choices on today’s busy roads.

Texting while driving is deadly.

This video will show how, in just a second, the unthinkable can happen. All because of a text message.

Online TX Drivers Ed Credit Cards


Dotted Line has been educating teens on the fine art of driving for over 15 years. Our aim is to train, protect, and give teens the tools to become safe, experienced drivers. Our company began with a small office in Colorado Springs. Today, we offer the premier Teen Drivers Ed program in the United States. Our program has been carefully created to help teenage drivers learn how to drive in a fun, easy, yet comprehensive program that is guaranteed to give them everything they need to become responsible drivers. Tools that will benefit them for the rest of their lives!

Our online program takes advantage of state of the art technology and utilizes multi-media presentations to make the Texas Drivers Education experience interesting and educational.  We want students to come away from the program with a heightened sense of the responsibility they are assuming on the road, a comprehensive retention of the material offered, and ultimately, to be able to react to any situation that arises responsibly and effectively. 

Our online Texas Drivers Education program is the most popular, however, we realize that not everyone can, or wants to take our course online.  That’s why we offer our other formats: CD ROM, DVD, and Textbook.  All of these are guaranteed to provide the high quality of Texas Drivers Ed that our online program offers.  However you wish to go through the program, we’ve got you covered.'s Teen Drivers Ed program is simply the best around.  We take the responsibility of training new drivers very seriously.  Our number one goal is to get teens on the road with all the tools and information they need to maneuver safely through today’s busy roadways.

We have the capbilities of delivering content driven material with videos, and other interactive tools, which includes over a hundred small clips that are embedded strategically within the program. Our use of advanced techniques to help you learn allow the student to remain interested in the material, and help the student remember objectives and topics for years (if not their entire lives). We are the best there is! The book was written by us!

Seven Simple Steps to a Texas Drivers License:

  1. Enroll in the Texas Teen Drivers Ed online program.
  2. Send in your DL-91 request form.
  3. Complete the first 6 hours of training.
  4. Download and print the permit packet from our website right after you complete the first 6 hours.
  5. Receive your learners permit.
  6. Complete the rest of the Texas Drivers Ed program, Then download your license packet from our website.
  7. Get your license!


Start Now! Other course providers require payment up front, then want more money later. At, we only require one single payment, and that’s it! Everything’s included in the one single purchase price.

Once you’ve enrolled in the Texas Drivers Ed Program, you’ll receive your login credentials, and instructions on how to begin the program immediately via email. You can start whenever you’d like, and complete the program at times that are convenient to you!

Video Library and DVD - For a small additional charge, you can own the DVD which contains all the videos from our extensive online video library. From Parallel Parking, to street signs, to a simple rundown on how a transmission works, there are hours of informative and entertaining videos available.

Young Drivers - The Scary Statistics

The number one killer of teenagers today is caused by inexperience behind the wheel. 16 year olds are particularly at risk. This video discusses the problem and probes for solutions. It’s a must watch.

Online TX Drivers Ed Credit Cards

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