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DPS Approved Course

Drivers Ed in Texas

Texas Driver Education

At, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art online Texas Drivers Ed curriculum. Our program is offered via mulitiple platforms, Textbook, Interactive CD-Rom or our Online classroom.

Our Texas Drivers Education program contains seven levels. Each of the seven levels contains two parts; Classroom and Driving time. Once a student has gone through the classroom time, and has passed the test for that level, they will be able to practice what they’ve learned behind the wheel with a parent. This systematic and progressive approach creates an environment where students are able to practice their driving skills with a caring mentor, and will help them to retain what they’ve learned. After 6 hours of classroom time, Texas students become eligible for their permit to drive.

With, students can complete their ENTIRE Texas Drivers Ed course online, without ever having to mail, or turn in paperwork or documentation to us. Our program is comprehensive and stand-alone. Statistics have come to light that prove that young drivers who graduate from's Drivers Ed program are safer on the road, more aware of the dangers of driving, are more likely to pass their learners permit the first time around and have the tools necessary to avoid accidents that result in injury or death. We are fully invested in helping the youngest generation of drivers stay safe, aware, alert, and responsible behind the wheel.

Teen drivers who complete our program, through classroom time and time spent behind-the-wheel with a parent mentor, are safer drivers. It’s a sad statistic that new teen drivers are more likely than any other demographic to be involved in an accident resulting in injury or death. Simple inexperience can cost so much. That’s why, at, we believe that practice, preperation, and a LOT of time behind-the-wheel with a parent and the aid of our carefully designed guides is the best approach.


The Deadliest Demographic – Inexperience makes all the difference when it comes to the harrowing statistics on the dangers of teen driving. At, we aim to change this statistic one driver at a time. For over 15 years we have researched the best methods of curbing this horrifying trend, and have come up with the best method of teaching a new driver how to stay safe. Through our award winning curriculum, we are confident that our program will make a difference in the way they view driving. A difference of attitude that can make all the difference.

Texting while Driving - It only takes a second

"Cassie Cowan - a nice, young girl from a Gwent valleys family - who kills four people on the road because she was texting and lost her concentration for a few seconds."


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Arrow is proud to offer our comprehensive, Texas state approved, Parent Taught Driver Ed program that can be completed entirely online. The program can be accessed in your own home, at any time of day or night that is convenient to you. Our program covers a multitude of subjects from traffic signals and proper maneuvering through a variety of different driving situations. We cover Texas driving laws and many elemental considerations regarding driver education.

Our Teenage driver program consists of over 32 hours of expert instruction which is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The lesson plans are layed out in such a way that students will be able to complete the program with a high retention of the information offered. Each of our 7 levels of instruction is delivered via our content-based technology to provide information that is fun, easy to understand, and most important: specifically designed to maximize retention.

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Maneuvering through the texas driver education and permit process can seem a difficult task. We’re here to make it easy for you. Once you’ve finished the first 6 hours of online classroom instruction, and you are least 15 years old, you can then apply for your Texas Learners Permit. Completing the 6 hour initial training will also give you all the tools and information necessary to pass your permit test at your local Department of Public Safety, and get you started on the road!

Once you’ve received your permit, the online instruction will continue, and will be coupled with behind-the-wheel instruction with a parent or guardian. We have extensive, easy-to-use guides for behind-the-wheel learning and they are available 24/7 on our online program. All Texas state requirements are included in these easy to understand guides. This practice is essential to developing a safe teen driver. Students will have ample time to practice under the tutorage of their parents, and we will provide all instructions you need. Through this practice, students will become more knowledgeable and more comfortable trusting good decisions that must be made constantly on the road.

We’ve got everything you need right here. You can begin instruction today, well on the road to becoming a safe driver for life. All from the convenience of your own home. Even if you have a busy schedule, all instruction, behind the wheel, or behind the screen is done at your own pace, on your own time.'s Texas driver education course 102 is designed for teenagers between 14 and 17 years old. You are only required to complete 6 hours of training if you are over 18. No problem! Take our TEA approved 6-hour Texas Adult Driver Education course if you are 18 or over.


Texas Drivers Education Online Video Library- Our online video library consists of hours of high quality, informative texas driver education material available. From how to change a tire, to traffic and weather conditions, to seatbelt safety, our videos promise to educate and entertain.

A sampling of some of the online drivers ed videos: How Your Car Works, Basic Driving Tactics, Basic Car Care, Driving Safely – Reason on the Road, Driving in Bad Weather, Todd’s Story, Dying to Get there, When Physics Meets Biology, Drinking and Driving – A Crash Course, and many, many more! Whether you are a teen or adult new driver, you are sure to find something in our library that will interest you.


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Arrow knows online driver Education. We were the FIRST EVER online drivers education program in the nation. We pride ourselves in being the very best Texas online drivers education provider. You can choose the online option, but we also offer the full program on CD ROM, DVD, and Textbook.

Our Texas Drivers education program utilizes video, interactive guides, behind the scenes data recording, and text to fully immerse the student in the most important aspects of learning to become a responsible driver. Each topic is carefully designed to help teenagers get on the road sucessfully, armed with the knowledge they need to maneuver on today’s busy roads.

7 Easy Steps!

  1. Sign Up! Get your login information immediately and start the program.
  2. Mail required documents to the state (DL – 92 Request form, you can find this on our website).
  3. Begin the initial 6 hour program.
  4. Once you’ve completed the 6 hour program, download your permit packet from our website.
  5. Receive your learners permit.
  6. Complete the rest of the Drivers Ed program
  7. Get Your License.


Start Now! Don’t be fooled by other companies that require additional payments to send you your final certificate. With, one flat payment is all we will ask from you. After you’ve enrolled, your login information and a welcome email will be sent to you immediately. You are ready to begin right away, with a company you know you can trust.

Understanding Car Crashes: It's Basic Physics

Every Teen Driver should watch this video!

This video with explore the physics behind what happens to vehicles and the occupants when car crashes occur. Science explores the phenomenon of car crashes and explores the basic science behind the impact. This video is closed captioned for the hearing impared.


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At, we believe that in the capacity of teaching a teen to drive, the parent is the best teacher. Do you want to trust your teen to a person who you’ve never met, and have no idea what their background or credentials are? Parents have a vested interest in the success of their teens driving abilities. With our Texas Parent Taught Driver Education, you will be given all the tools necessary to guide your child through the steps of learning about, and succeeding in, becoming a successful, responsible driver. Can you imagine signing up your teen with an approved online driver education course that is way better than the options you had when you were a teen?

Online Texas Drivers Ed

The statistics clearly state that teens are the riskiest demographic on the road. The reason for this is not inability, but inexperience. In crucial situations, if a driver doesn’t have the knowledge of what the best move would be, then they’re heading for disaster. At, we believe putting the behind-the-wheel instruction firmly in the parents hands, that they are getting the very best quality instruction available outside the classroom: A parent’s guidance. We give parents and students EVERYTHING they need to complete all components of the driver education experience. Our affordable, comprehensive, award winning curriculum is precisely what you need to get your teen out to the right start. Parents can also login and check their student’s progress through the classroom instruction at any time. Also, most insurance companies today will give you a discount for completing a State Approved Texas Drivers Education Course.

This program operates on YOUR schedule, when YOU are ready. There is no expiration date, this program has been designed to work with you. We offer step-by-step instructions to ensure that your teen has the most effective Texas Drivers education available.

What are you waiting for? Start Today and be confident that you made the best decision for you, your teen, and your family.


DVD (Containing Video Library) - offers a DVD which contains all the videos in our online video library. From Parallel parking, to how a car crash works, we have everything your student needs to guide them in their quest to be a safe, responsible driver. You can purchase the DVD for an additional fee after the enrollment fee has been applied.

Young Drivers - The High Risk Years

The number one killer of teenagers is car crashes. 16 year olds are particularily at risk. This video describes this shocking problem, and touches on ways to minimize that risk, and a program that’s saving the lives of our teens.

Online TX Drivers Ed Credit Cards

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